The Internet Is On Fire After Whoopi Checks Meghan McCain For Dissin’ Their Co-Host Joy Behar

Posted On : April 8, 2019

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If you know anything about the talk show The View, you know that it is made up of five outspoken personalities. But if y’all know anything about one of those personalities- comedian/acting legend, Whoopi Goldberg- then you know when it gets down to it, she is the head honcho of the panel and will only tolerate but so much BS.

That widely known fact, came to head once again when co-host, Joy Behar, had to school the most un-liked View co-host, Meghan McCain, and Whoopi had to jump in.

You see, Joy oftentimes finds herself having to go at it with Meghan, live on air, because it is evident that the Democrat (Behar) vs. the conservative Republican (McCain) have a nice-nasty work relationship. The ladies often clash over Trump and other politically related topics on the show.

Well, on Monday (April 8) morning, Meghan disrespected the HELL outta Joy, who looked like she wanted to slap the taste outta her mouth as a result. That’s when Whoopi had to step in and now she’s a trending topic all over social media…

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