Jamie Foxx Exposes What Suge Knight Did Him That Had Him Scared As Hell

Posted On : August 1, 2018

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Jamie Foxx is a helluva comedian, but according to him, what went down between he and former Death Row Records mogul, Suge Knight, one night at a nightclub, was NO joke. Well, Suge may have been laughing in the end, but Jamie said he was damn near doo-dooing on himself, literally…


In the hilarious video clip below, Jamie Foxx recalled the incident between he and Suge on his “Foxxhole” satellite radio show. According to Jamie, someone inaccurately told Suge Knight that Jamie Foxx did not want him at a club event he was also attending. Suge was already standing outside the door, waiting to be let in though. So Suge was pissed, Jamie tried to sneak out of the back door and that’s when the story turned really funny, really fast (although I’m sure it wasn’t quite chuckle material at the time).

Jamie Foxx: “What happened was I was at the club and they wouldn’t let Suge in the club…and [there was a] lil’ White boy that was running the club. […] So somebody came and said ‘Suge outside,’ I said well tell him I said ‘Hello’…you know, I’m not a rapper (LOL). … So…they wouldn’t let him in the club and then they had him out there ’til 2 o’clock and then the White boy, T.K., tells Suge, ‘You can’t get in, ’cause Jamie Foxx said so!’ HE TOLD THE MOST NOTORIOUS GANGSTER OF THE 21st CENTURY THAT HE CAN’T GET IN”

“Now, look [at] how it looks- the big dude come in, tells me ‘Suge outside.’ …Then the babe comes in…you know how they give you the babe [and tell her] ‘Take this phone in.’ The they said ‘Suge on the phone’ and I’m like, ‘OH my goodness!’ You know, I just turned all the way into Tevin Campbell- *in his soft voice* ‘Oh my good ness, oh my God, I, I don’t know what to say…’ (LOL). I’m shocked, [so] I didn’t get on the phone.”

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That’s when Jamie says he tried to make a quick escape plan:

JF: “I called my boy Che, I said ‘Che where you at?!!’ He said ‘I’m on the freeway, why?’ I said, ‘SUGE OUTSIDE!’I said ‘Dude you gotta come in and protect me SH*IIT!’ So he keeps going (LOl). I said, ‘Well, f*ck it.’

So in my L.A. mind…I said [to myself] ‘Foxx, go out the back way. So I go out the back way and all of a sudden, Suge walks past the truck, but he don’t see me. .. [But] remember the old footage of Big Foot…when the mothaf**ka starts *makes growling noises*? (laughs) I said ‘SH*IIT!’ I turned into Chris Tucker- *in his high pitched voice* ‘Hey man, lets get outta here, man!!!’

Here’s how Jamie attempted to settle the drama though:

JF: “So I had Johnny Mack (Jamie’s radio co-host) take the phone down to Suge. I give Johnny the ‘brave award.’ So, Suge gets on the phone… I said ‘Hello, Sugar…Mr. Suge’ (LOL). And [that] ni&&a said ‘FU*K YOU NIG&A, IT AIN’T COOL NO MORE!!!'”

Jamie then yelled, “OH sh*t!” LOL. He also said it was at that moment he wanted to doo-doo on himself out of fear that Suge was about send his goons after him. Good thing that never happened though and both are still here with us today. Except, one of ’em is currently locked up and awaiting trial for killing a man in an incident he says was self defense. Guess we all know by now, which one that is.