Jamie Foxx Mourns The Death Of Singer Who Died After Appearing On His TV Show

Posted On : June 12, 2019

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Jamie Foxx and many fans are mourning the loss of a soul singer, who was also a recent winner on Jamie’s TV show, Beat Shazam. In Monday night’s episode, the show came to a heartbreaking ending, after announcing that the contestant -whom viewers had just seen in a joyous celebration- passed away just 2 weeks after that episode’s taping.

Alan Smith, soul singer and winner on Jamie Foxx’s “Beat Shazam” show

He was 49 year old Alan Smith, a singer in the soul band, Sensational Soul Cruisers, largely known around New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Because Alan died between the show’s taping in February 2019, and it’s airing on June 10th, news of his death wasn’t widely circulated until now…

During Monday’s Beat Shazam episode, Alan and his group member, Taheem Taj Jay, won $260,000 after correctly identifying the song, “How to Save a Life.” They also were the highlight of that ep,’ with their upbeat personalities, as well as their epic dance demonstration to Earth Wind & Fire’s hit, as they recapped the performance they’d given when they shared the stage with Bruce Springsteen once.

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