Jay Z Helps Couple Who Cops Aggressively Arrested & Threatened To Shoot In Front Of Their Child

Posted On : June 16, 2019

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ILOSM fam,’ we’re giving Jay Z an Old School fist bump and hand clap for the honorable deed he and his team are doing. It’s just been reported that the newly formed social justice division of his Roc Nation empire has now intervened to help a Black couple who endured ridiculously foul treatment from cops recently. Even worse, is that the incident involved their 4 year old toddler.

Who Jay Z Is Helping…
Many of y’all may have seen the viral May 29 (2109) video of the hostile arrest of couple, Iesha Harper and her fiance,’ Dravon Ames. They were violently arrested after cops supposedly received a ‘tip’ that their 4 year old daughter had taken a baby doll out of a dollar store. Also, did we mention that Iesha was visibly pregnant when Phoenix cops aggressively approached them that day? Crazy, right?!!

Anywho, in the video, Phoenix officers are seen approaching a very stunned Iesha and Dravon, with their guns drawn and loudly shouting, “I’m going to put a cap in your ass,” and “You’re going to f***ing get shot!”

Their daughter was understandably terrified, and the whole thing was caught on camera by a quick thinking civilian at the apartment complex where the arrest happened.

Couple Plans To Sue The Breaks Of Off Phoenix Po-Po’s…
After the tumultuous ordeal, which nearly got them killed over a supposed dollar store doll, Iesha and Dravon are playing zero games with the trigger happy officers. They are reportedly suing the Phoenix P.D. for $10 MILLION.

Now Peep What Jay Z Is Doing For The Couple>>>