Jay Z Helps Couple Who Cops Aggressively Arrested & Threatened To Shoot In Front Of Their Child

Posted On : June 16, 2019

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What Jay Z’s Doing For The Couple…
Jay Z now has his social justice department at Roc Nation taking care of all the legal fees for the couple and they’re going all out, by providing Iesha and Dravon with one of the most high tier attorneys around. The attorney’s name is Alex Spiro and he’s known for being a BEAST in his field. Check out what else was reported about Jay Z and his team’s good deed below:

The Blast is told Team ROC has now offered to step in to provide legal support for the family, as well as call for the termination of the policers officers involved in the incident.

We’re told the organization has secured high-powered attorney, Alex Spiro, to join the family’s legal team on a pro-bono basis and assist in filing charges against one of the police officers for child neglect.
Additionally, we’re told Spiro‚Äôs team plans to help the family with their civil lawsuit against the city of Phoenix.

Police Dept. ‘Investigating Incident…

According to The Blast, the Phoenix PD is currently investigating the police officers’ the arrest of Iesha Harper and Dravon Ames for ‘allegations of misconduct.’

As we all now, far too often police departments’ ‘investigations’ into their own officers seem to be hella suspect with their ‘findings.’ So, hopefully the Phoenix P.D.’s investigation into this arrest remains ethical…however, Dravon and Iesha are not just sitting back waiting to find out.