Jayne Kennedy Shares New Photos Of Gorgeous Mom & Daughters…And Now We Have Questions

Posted On : May 16, 2019

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Here at I Love Old School Music, we looooove us some Jayne Kennedy. Back in the day, not only did she seem to be every man’s fantasy woman- beauty, brains, and she could talk sports- but simply put, Jayne was the TRUTH! Matter of fact, at 67 today at 67 years young, she is still the truth…and so is her family.

You see, the other day, the former beauty pageant queen-turned actress shared some recent photos of her Moms and her daughters. The photos caught our attention and sparked several questions about the ladies in Jayne’s family.

– For starters, how in the world did that much beauty grace one family from generation to generation?
– Secondly, how come Jayne’s Moms looks like her sister?
– Lastly, where is that fountain of youth her Mother’s been sippin’ from?

All of the aforementioned questions have us scratching our heads in amazement, but nonetheless, get your scroll on to meet Jayne Kennedy’s Moms and kids.

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