Jayne Kennedy Shares New Photos Of Gorgeous Mom & Daughters…And Now We Have Questions

Posted On : May 16, 2019

Meet The Parents…

Jayne Kennedy (L); her mother, Virginia Harrison (R) [Instagram]
On Mother’s Day 2019, Jayne Kennedy-Overton took to social media to pay homage to her mother, Virginia Harrison. In her caption, she noted that the photos were taken about 2 years ago, which is still pretty recent. Mama’s skin is still slowing and damn near crease free. Like we said, Jayne and her Moms look more like sisters, than mother and daughter. Check out Jayne’s Mother’s Day message below:

Jayne Kennedy’s mother, Virginia Harrison (R) [Instagram]

“Wishing everyone an amazing Happy Mother’s Day💋 I hope you had an opportunity to share time with Moms in person, by phone, or even if it’s in prayer. A couple of years ago I shot these pics of my mom. We had so much fun she didn’t want to stop. So to my Momma Ginny I’m sending you love across the miles. You are truly loved. Thanks for teaching me the hardest job in the world and I hope I did you justice in raising mine as you did with yours. I love you with all my heart. You are my rock. You are my light. You are my soul. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#jaynekennedy #mom #moms #mothersday #ilovemymom”

Throwback photo of Jayne Kennedy-Overton with her father, Herbert Harrison [Instagram]
A few weeks prior to her Mother’s day post, Jayne shared the above throwback photo of her with her beloved late Father, on April 28, 2019- the 5th anniversary of his passing.

“#RIP missing my dad today… Today marks five years since he was called to Heaven………………
Love you Daddy with all my heart. #jaynekennedy #mourning #dad #remembering #love #goodtimes #heart #restinpeace #restinheaven #missingyou”

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