Jermaine Jackson Slams Quincy Jones For What He’s Doing To His Brother, Michael

Posted On : May 10, 2019

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Michael Jackson’s big bro’ and Jackson 5 icon, Jermaine Jackson, had a few things to get off his chest about iconic producer, Quincy Jones. Simply put, he is not feelin’ what Quincy’s now doing to Michael’s legacy these days.

You see, although Quincy is not directly stirring up the hype about the molestation claims that were made in the Leaving Neverland documentary- some of which were later exposed as lies-  he is in indirectly supporting them, based on the business move he just made, according to Jermaine.

What Did Quincy Jones Do To MJ?
As y’all already know, Quincy and Michael where extremely close and Quincy produced 3 of MJ’s biggest albums- Thriller, Off The Wall, and Bad. So when it came time for the super producer to do an upcoming orchestral styled show at The O2 arena in London, it was only natural that Q based it on those three iconic albums. Only prob’ is, Quincy has now completely erased any presence of MJ off the show’s title, marketing, and branding, after the controversy that the LN documentary has sparked worldwide.

(L) Quincy Jones original title; (R) Quincy’s revised title [via TMZ]

Quincy’s live show- scheduled for June 2019- was originally titled ‘Quincy Jones presents “Off the Wall,” “Thriller”and “Bad”.’ Now, it has been changed to ‘Quincy Jones presents “The Soundtrack of the 80’s”.’

In my opinion, the new name, “the Soundtrack of the 80’s,” is pretty generic and sounds like one of those CD’s sold in a late-night infomercial as part of a package deal, but I digress. Anywho, check out what Jermaine Jackson had to say about Quincy’s decision below…

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