Jermaine Jackson Slams Quincy Jones For What He’s Doing To His Brother, Michael

Posted On : May 10, 2019

Jermaine Calls Out Quincy For Eliminating MJ…

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In the video below, paparazzi spotted Jermaine at LAX airport the other day and asked him how he felt about MJ’s longtime friend erasing all traces of MJ from the presentation of the upcoming live show:

Jermaine Jackson: “I have great love for Quincy Jones…and let me say this to Quincy Jones. Quincy, you and Michael made history around the world, do not change history. Keep it what it’s always been and what it represents- excellence at the highest level. That’s what you and my brother achieved. Don’t let anybody put in your head to change anything…it is what it is. My brother is innocent on ALL charges, ALWAYS.”

There’s more…

When asked if he thinks Quincy Jones is simply succumbing to pressure on the business end-  presumably from corporate sponsors, networks etc.-  for his upcoming show, Jermaine had this to day:

“Listen, you can’t satisfy the media, you have to satisfy the people, and the PEOPLE know. I’ll say it again, Michael made history around the globe, put it back to what it originally was. Don’t let anybody change what history has done. That’s what the world has evolved into- history. You can’t change his history, it’s what it IS.”

Thoughts ILOSM fam?’