After John Singleton’s Ex Slams BET Awards Tribute, His Mom Speaks Out Against Her

Posted On : June 25, 2019

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The day after John Singleton’s ex-girlfriend and mother of his son speaks out against the BET Awards’ recent tribute to John Singleton, his mother, Sheila Ward, is speaking out too…and they have two VERY different opinions.

Why Singleton’s Ex Bashed BET’s Tribute…
In case y’all hadn’t heard, one of the mothers of John’s children, model Tosha Lewis (also known as Tosha Riea), took to social media to bash the hell outta the tribute the late Boyz N’ The Hood director legend received on BET. During the BET Awards which aired on Sunday, June 23rd, two potent tributes were paid to two celebs we lost this year. One to late rapper, Nipsey Hussle, and the other to legendary director, John Singleton.

John Singleton (R) with 3 of his 7 children (L-R): Justice, Massai, and Selenesol Singleton [Instagram]
After watching the awards ceremony, Tosha was pissed off because of the much shorter tribute Singleton received for his decades of contributions to Black cinema and African American culture, versus Nipsey Hussle’s much longer tribute for his lesser amount of time spent contributing to the same causes.

Here’s what Tosha had to say:

“So BET cab take the time to honor Nipsey Hussle and not John Singleton? They’re whole movie line up are John Singleton movies. His movies are in the BEY commercial. They never featured anything Nipsey, but I guess he’s trendy nevermind John was talking and doing the same stuff as Nipsey since the 90’s.”

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Many fans agreed with the mother of Singleton’s son, Massai (25), but many others also felt that Nispey deserved an equal shine as well. There’s one person who totally disagrees with Tosha’s statement though- Mama Sheila…and she had a lot to say about it…

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