Jon B Admits “Humbling” Jealousy Against Robin Thicke & Felt Betrayed When Babyface Signed Him

Posted On : July 8, 2019

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ILOSM family, here’s a newsflash: There is such a thing as in beef amongst ‘blue-eyed soul’ singers. That is what’s just been confirmed by 90’s singer, Jon B., in a brutally honest confession he’s recently made. Turns out, his fellow Caucasian R&B competitor, Robin Thicke, tapped a nerve for Jon B, when he later came onto the scene and ‘stole’ his shine, so to speak. To this day, Jon B. is still dealing with the affects that had on his career and seemingly has yet to move past it.

Jon B On What He Felt When Mentor Babyface Signed Robin Thicke…

As most of us Old Schoolers know, legendary producer/singer, Babyface, signed Jon B. back in the day and they pumped out several hits, such as “Someone To Love.” Well, in a new interview with Vlad TV, Jon B admitted that when Babyface and music legend, Andre Harrell, inked a deal with Robin Thicke years later, he became hella salty over it:

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“To not have that same energy with my career and watch it happen for someone else was definitely a challenge for me,” said Jon B. “It was humbling to watch another guy come into the scene and everyone’s asking, ‘What do you think about Robin Thicke?’ in every interview I ever did.”

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