Jon B Admits “Humbling” Jealousy Against Robin Thicke & Felt Betrayed When Babyface Signed Him

Posted On : July 8, 2019

Jon B. Felt “Threatened” By Robin Thicke…

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Soon, the public started comparing Jon B to Robin Thicke and that was a nightmare for Jon B:

“From the very beginning I felt threatened because that was sort of my neck of the woods, the Babyface thing, and I felt kind of like, okay this guy kind of came in and stole some of my wind,” Jon B said. “It really was apparent for me early on and I let it kind of get to me a little bit, and I think I kind of fed into it a bit. That was a challenge and I definitely had to adjust to the whole scene of it not being a new thing to be a white guy in R&B, that there were other guys that were in this thing, too, that were doing this thing. You were going to have to deal with being compared to them and vice versa.”

It wasn’t until recently that Jon actually met Robin, when they did a show together in Baton Rouge, LA. That’s when Jon took a moment to get a few things off his chest to the “Blurred Lines” singer:

“‘I’ve had to talk about you for many many years,’” Jon B told Robin. “He said, ‘That’s got to suck,’ and I said, ‘Absolutely, it kind of does.’ Nevertheless, I did it and I’ve tried to be as respectful as possible because I think people want to pose [us] almost like fighters against each other.”

The good thing is that Robin seemed understanding of where Jon was coming from and now, the two may end up working together in the future, if Jon B. has it his way:

“I would love to do a song together and leave it at that and that would be a dope collaboration.”

Friendly Reminder To Jon B. AND Robin Thicke:

We have nothing but love for Jon and Robin, but hopefully they’ll remember to ‘put some respeck’ on the names of the other Caucasian soulful singers who did it before them. They can start with singer like Michael McDonald; Bobby Caldwell; Daryl Hall & John Oates; Michael Bolton; and The Average White Band, to name a few…just sayin.’

Nevertheless,  much respect to Jon B. for being brutally honest about something that had to sting like hell at that time.