Judge Denies Nelly Of What Some Say Is A ‘Fair’ Request Against His Sex Assault Accuser

Posted On : June 21, 2019

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Nelly’s still battling his sexual assault accuser in court, 2 years later. Now, a new request he’s asked of the judge has just been given a resounding ‘Hell to the no naw,’ in the words of the late Bishop Bullwinkle. Nonetheless, his request seems to be a fair one…yet, not a popular practice.

Nelly References Tupac’s Past Case To Get Similar Treatment…
Nelly has adamantly denied that he sexual assaulted a woman who is publicly referred to as ‘Jane Doe.’ Because he’s had to repeatedly speak out about the matter and have his name plastered all over the media, in connection to the woman’s claims, he feels that her name should also be forced to be revealed, which is what he’s asked of the court.

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To further back his request, Nelly referenced Tupac’s sexual assault case from 23 years ago, in which the judge made the accuser’s name public. Despite his attempt, the judge has told Nelly that his accuser will not be “outed” for several reasons:

The judge notes that case is very old and, “As made evident by the more recent cases cited above, courts now place more weight on the psychological trauma faced by victims of sexual assault, the easy public access of court records online, and the deterrent effect that “outing” a sexual assault victim may have on other victims. Second, the plaintiff in Shakur conceded that her name, residence, and place of employment were already known to the press, rendering public identification in court filings a moot issue.”

The order reads, “The Court is also mindful of the strong public interest in protecting the identities of sexual assault victims so as not to deter other victims from reporting crimes against them.-via The Blast

Nelly also revealed that the woman has made similar claims in other legal filings:

The “Country Grammar” rapper claimed the “Jane Doe” has previously leveled similar allegations in connection with other legal proceedings, and the hip-hop star believes the woman should not be allowed to avoid public scrutiny by hiding “behind a cloak of anonymity.” -via TB

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