Seriously, This Is Not Gabrielle Union

Posted On : May 11, 2019
This is not Gabrielle Union, people.
Photo via Instagram.

If you didn’t know better, you’d think you were looking at Gabrielle Union. Right? Nope! This isn’t her at all. And, she’s “thick.”

Juliet “JuJu” Casteneda. That is her name, people.

Age: 38
Sign: Aries
Height: 5 feet, 9 inches
Birthday: March 21
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Ethnic Nationality: Cuban-American

According to Celeb’s Closet and The Breakfast Club, she’s an actress, model, realtor, and author — Secrets of a Jewel. Also, as an actress on Love & Hip Hop: New York, she’s the ex-fiancée of well-known rapper Cameron Giles, a.k.a. Cam’Ron.

Moreover, JuJu is also CEO and owner of Candy Jewels Hair. Via Instagram, her business has over 120,000 followers, with many celebrities rocking her products. And her actual page, for herself, has over 2,800,000 followers.

In 2017, she shocked the Internet after losing 22 pounds, totally cutting out meat and processed foods. She went from 181 lbs. to 159 lbs., in only three months.

So, how does she stay looking so great? The Celeb’s Closet mentions as follows:

“The secret weapon behind the change in her lifestyle is a 30-30-3 plan. Thirty-minute workout, Thirty-day commitment, and three natural products: Papaya, Ginger, and Milk Thistle.”

Juliet Cee is her name, not Gabrielle Union.
This pic is from when she lost 22 pounds in three months. Photo via Instagram.

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