Seriously, This Is Not Gabrielle Union

Posted On : May 11, 2019

‘The Chocolate Cuban’ Is Also Her Alias…

JuJu in the Black
Photo via Instagram.

I didn’t make this lifestyle change solely for my physical appearance,” Juliet mentions via Instagram, “I made these changes for my overall better Health.”

“Prevention is better than a cure. I’ve done my research and you would be horrified by what’s going on in the food industry….I’ve worked hard, and going from eating MEAT my entire life to stopping cold turkey hasn’t been easy.”

Many mentioned I looked better heavier. Thanks, but this is the healthiest I’ve felt, my energy is through the roof,” JuJu continues. “My skin is glowing, my hair is growing, and every curve is still in tact. I was sharing my journey with those who would like to become a HEALTHIER them & by the way I Loveeeee my new new size and weight! 💪🏾”

Juliet 'JuJu' in the blue dress, no devils.
Photo via Instagram.