K. Michelle Asks Fans If She’s ‘Mean’ — The Answer Turns Her ‘Extra’ Petty

Posted On : June 11, 2019
K. Michelle doesn't like the answer she receives after asking if she's mean.
Photo via Instagram.

K. Michelle was possibly just kidding around when she asked her fans what they thought of her. Specifically, she asked if they felt like she’s “mean.” She received a very real answer.

You really shouldn’t ask questions when you’re not ready for the answers, good or bad. You may expect a certain response. But sometimes, things don’t go the way you plan and can surprise you. That seems to be the case in K. Michelle’s latest social media antic.

Via Instagram, she posts:

“Serious question, am I mean?”

I’ve been like this all my life,” she mentions in her IG post. “I don’t bother anybody FIRST, we know this now. So why y’all think im so mean?

Maybe she was being “playful.” But when someone answered her “serious question” with a serious answer, she instantly snapped back at the commenter.

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