K. Michelle Asks Fans If She’s ‘Mean’ — The Answer Turns Her ‘Extra’ Petty

Posted On : June 11, 2019

And Her Response Was Unnecessarily Petty…

K. Michelle snaps on IG commenter after answer.
Photo via Instagram.

Instagram user @ynotbblessed702 decided to truthfully answer K. Michelle’s question. She states: “Yes You Are So Mean And Extra [sic].”

But according to K. Michelle, she took a moment to visit the girl’s IG page and was not impressed. The singer responded as follows.

“Well I went to your page and you could stand to be a bit more extra. You need a extra pack to that dry store bought packaged hair [sic]. Was that being mean or just honest! I was being Extra honest. Now go moisturize…Love ya.”

The Shade Room captures K. Michelle's response to IG commenter.
Photo via Instagram.

However, several people have come to the Instagram commenter’s aid after being bashed by K. Michelle. Many say they’re tired of her “tantrums.” Others mention that she should have never asked the question if she couldn’t handle the answer.

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