Kelly Rowland’s Protege’s From Reality Competition Say They Haven’t Heard From Her In Years

Posted On : May 19, 2019
Photo: Twitter

In a recent interview (via Hot New Hip Hop) June’s Diary member Kristal Lyndriette Smith had this to say when asked if Kelly was still involved with their career;

“No [she’s not involved],” the singer said. “She kinda wanted to take on a thing of her own. Kelly was trying to put out music prior and I think Chasing Destiny really gave her the confidence to just go out there and do it again, work on an album and work on her project. But, you know, it gave us wings, and we were like, ‘Alright, Kelly’s not here, so we gotta figure this out.'”

The members continue to move forward, thankful for the opportunity Kelly provided for them. Kristal also admits that they’ve formed a tight bond over the years, which they also thank Kelly for.

” I think it worked out for us with our creativity and our bonding and us figuring each other out and really having to gel together and get it together. So, even though we did want her to be more involved, we love her and wish her the best in whatever her endeavors are. We started with her. Without her, we wouldn’t be here. It’s literally like college. You send your kids off to college, you got to let them grow up and do their own thing. And we appreciate her.”