Kristoff St. John Passed Away Leaving A Very Small Estate, Now American Express Sues Estate

Posted On : April 17, 2019

Imagine being gainfully employed on a day time show continuously for a century and in death having only a little over 100k to your name and no will to show for it. That is the situation with “Young and the Restless” soap opera star who played Neil Winters.

Kristoff St. John  52, ex-wife Mia St. John,  found him dead at his home on Super Bowl Sunday. Cops said they believe alcohol was involved. Upon his death, there was no official will– that’s where trouble arose within his immediate family.

Kristoff’s will net value is estimated at $122,000.

St. John did not have a will set up when he died, but now his eldest daughter Parisi St. John has stepped in to handle her late father’s estate. Instead of Christopher–Kristoff’s father being appointed the executor, Paris believes it was her father’s wishes for a neutral party to be in charge. She admits that financial loose ends need to be handled, but does not want Grandpa St. John to be the one handling them.

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Finally, it claims a “page has been removed” from the holographic will, and believes the page specifically addressed Kristoff’s property. She argues that since the page was removed, a “suspicion” has been created as to the document’s validity.

How much American Express says he owes next>>>>