Lil Kim Calls Herself ‘Lil Janet Jackson’ In A New Photo & Fans’ Reactions Are On Level 100

Posted On : April 4, 2019
Lil Kim (via @lilkimthequeenbee Instagram)

The Queen Bee, Lil’ Kim, done stirred up the internet with her latest claims. What started off as an innocent homage to the iconic Janet Jackson, has ended up garnering mixed reactions all across these social media streets.

Now, I’ll first kick this off, by acknowledging that I loooooves me some Lil’ Kim, Lawd knows I do. However, I’ve gotta keep it real with y’all at all times, as is the case when it comes to Lil Kim’s recent post.

It all began over an Instagram photo Lil Kim shared, in which she seems to have compared her physical appearance to Janet Jackson’s.

Now, as we all know, ever since the legendary raptress stepped onto the scene in the 90’s and had us rockin’ to “No Time,” we’ve witnessed her appearance morph in several ways. Many would say she went a tad to overboard at times, and then there are other times when her plastic surgery seemed a tad more tamed down. Regardless of whichever phase Lil Kim’s facial changes are in, most fans agreed that she does not look like Janet, who seems to have had far less work done than Lil Kim throughout the years.

So without further ado ladies and gents, check out the photo and what fans are saying below…

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