Lil Kim Calls Herself ‘Lil Janet Jackson’ In A New Photo & Fans’ Reactions Are On Level 100

Posted On : April 4, 2019

Do you agree with Lil’ Kim on this?…

Above is the photo that captured the attention of many- not because Lil Kim looks beautiful in it (which she does), but because of what she wrote in her caption, “Lil’ Janet.” She was seemingly referring to the the 90’s era Janet, when the icon rocked a similar hairstyle and fashion.

Janet also shared a photo of herself, chillin’ with Lil Kim and Janelle Monae, backstage at the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame Awards 2019, in which Janet was an inductee. [Congrats Janet!] Here’s what Janet wrote in her caption:

“#LadiesNight with my sisters Janelle and Kim. Thank u @timessquareedition for such a beautiful night. #rockhall2019 #timessquareedition #editionhotels”

Had Lil Kim stayed in the safer zone of just writing a post like Janet’s, then she probably would not have stirred up the online chatter she received like the mixed comments below:

Many fans threw shade at Lil Kim’s Janet comparison…

aint_u_that_*************: Plastic

__ca****: More like lil LaToya

da_icequ******: I can’t believe yall think this looks good. Maybe because I’m old and remember the original face ‍♀️ idk

na*******: Know she wrong for this one

ii_s*****: She’s everything lil except kim i havent seen her since 95’ ‍⚕️

lordepre*************: botox down to a science! perfect

There were other fans who think Lil Kim looks flawless…

king_fe****: Beautiful.. But NOT JANET. ❤️

za****: Ok miss thing! She look cute here

d_g******: She looking nice ppl can’t see others happy i swear

trulyb**********: Did she fix her face? It looks good here

Bottom line is, every public figure knows that social media is the place where they will getting some of realest reactions ever. Pretty sure Lil Kim learned that lesson long ago. Anywho, what’chall think ILOSM fam- Lil Kim looks like Janet Jackson or nah?