Look Who We Found! “Fame” Singer/Actress Irene Cara! She’s Still Got It

Posted On : March 15, 2015

irene cara young large pic

Remember when Irene Cara was all over our radio and TV screens in the 70’s and 80’s?

She’s accomplished many things in music and film: she was a Fame actress and sang the show’s theme song and another Fame hit, “Out Here On My Own,” which was the first time two songs from the same film were Academy Award nominated in the same category and sang by the same artist. She had radio blowing up with the Flashdance song, “What A Feeling,” and don’t even talk about her dynamic role in the classic film, Sparkle. Then we barely heard from her after that. Well now we’ve found her and she’s still got it!

After the 80’s, Irene was still doing her thing, but on a much more low key level: Cara worked as a