Madonna Shared Graphic Details About Her Reported Fling With Michael Jackson

Posted On : March 19, 2021
Madonna and Michael Jackson

If there was a Hall of Fame for ‘Female Singers Who Bagged The Most Male Celebrities,’ Madonna’s name just might be in the running. At least it seems that way from the outside looking in. That’s not a diss though, because Madonna isn’t ashamed whatsoever about her sexscapades and good for her – hell, at least she owns up to the many notches on her belt. Anyways, see how Madonna just shocked the world with details about her and Michael Jackson.

There are a few things we learned from the  year old superstar’s interview: 1) Her limbs are still hella flexible; and 2) Her taste in men are just as flexible. Well, maybe that last one isn’t NEW news- given her many past hookups, including Dennis Rodman, Tupac, Sean Penn, Warren Beatty, and even a Jodeci singer (yep you read that right, get that scoop here), just to name a few. But check out the blow by blow details (no pun intended) she gave about what she did with MJ.


Michael Jackson and Madonna

Madonna, explained thoroughly to “The Late Late Show” host, James Corden (pictured above), about her wam-bam-thank-you-mam hookups with Michael Jackson. In a nutshell, she got MJ a lil’ tipsy with a glass of wine and then it was on and poppin’ from there! MJ was tonguing her down and she was loving it. Don’t take our word for it though, see what Madonna said below:

“What was that like, a night out with Michael or a night in?” Corden asked. “So you want me to kiss and tell, then, don’t you?” Madonna replied.

Corden: “Did you kiss?”

Madonna: “Of course!”

C: “No!”

M: “Of course!”

C: “You and Michael Jackson?!!”

M: “I mean, baby, I’ve been around.”

C: “Full french kissing?”

M: “Yeah, tongue-in-mouth kissing,” Madonna said while shaking her head, with Corden in obvious shock.

Corden was in total shock that he never knew that info, then Madonna said “no one ever asks” about her and MJ, so she never talked about it…until now. HERE’S THE KICKER, THOUGH:

C: “So, hang on, so who makes the first move? You or Michael Jackson? Who leans in?”

M: “Well, I did, if you want to know the truth, because he’s a little bit shy. However, he was a willing accomplice. I DID GET HIM TO SORT OF LOOSEN UP WITH A GLASS OF CHARDONNAY AND IT DID WONDERS. IT WORKED WONDERS.”

Laaaaawd! Madonna was juicing ’em up to rub ’em down back in the day? While they’re out here investigating Bill Cosby, they might wanna do a background check on ‘Ms. Like A Virgin’ too! LOL, I joke I joke, I kid, I kid! On the flip side, Michael Jackson was hittin’ the ladies up left and right, wasn’t he? The things we’ve learned about the icon’s many women over the past few years has revealed quite an interesting bunch- they range from the average female groupie, to A-list superstars. Gotta love MJ, because apparently he didn’t discriminate.


Madonna talks about MJ at the 10:18 mark of the video below…enjoy ILOSM family…