Michael Jackson Risked His Life To Save James Debarge Amid Suicide Attempt & He’s Forever Grateful

Posted On : June 25, 2019

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We’re paying homage to Michael Jackson on the 10th anniversary of his June 25, 2009, passing. While at it, we’ll be sharing a few facts about him that flew under the radar during his lifetime. One interesting fact is what R&B legend, James Debarge, revealed about the time that Michael put his own life and sanity at risk to save him.

Most of us, Old Schoolers, know that James Debarge has deep history with the Jacksons. He was married to Janet in the 80’s and still to this day, believes he has a child out there somewhere that Janet never told him about. However, this article is about Janet’s beloved brother, Michael’s, heroic actions when James tried to kill himself…multiple times.

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Back in the day, most of never knew just close Michael and James were. So close, that MJ was the only person who James trusted enough to help him when he felt like his life and the tumultuous events that stem from his childhood were just too much to bear.

“He seemed to be familiar with my pain” – James Debarge on MJ

In a prior interview on Dr. Drew, several of the Debarge siblings- James, Randy and Bunny- discussed their long-standing drug addictions. James, who was still on drugs at that time (as were his siblings, but Bunny is now sober), revealed that MJ saved his life when everyone else around him was panicking. That included the Debarges’ mother, Etterlene Debarge, as well as Janet and sister, La Toya Jackson.

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