Mid-Life Crisis Or Nah? Usher Debuts Surprisingly Massive Tattoo & New Hairdo

Posted On : June 8, 2019

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In case y’all were in need of a lil’ pick-me-up today, Usher’s got you covered. How so, you ask? Well, let’s just say that if you did not get enough of his Frankie-Lymon-meets-The-Five-Heartbeats 2018 hairdo, ‘Mr. Ursher baby’ is now hittin’ us with a double whammy- a new ‘do and a massive scalp tattoo.

This go ’round, some may view Usher’s latest moves as a mid-life crisis. That would be a practical assessment, because let’s face it, ever since the brotha turned 40 in October 2018, he’s suddenly been making some pretty hasty appearance changes in a way he’s never done throughout his 28 year music career.

On the other hand, some will view Usher’s latest look as a dope transformation and much needed reinvention of himself, after decades in the game. That too, is a valid assessment. So, without further ado, scroll down to feast your eyes on the ‘new’ Usher…

His New Hairdo…

First up, is Usher’s latest hairdo. He’s gone from the pompador look, to more of a half-loc’d-front-forward-swiped-rock-star hairdo, which he debuted while attending a party a few days ago…

Usher’s new hairstyle is actually kinda cool, and also probably a tad more practical for him. Having to perform on the regular was sweating out his prior perm and likely causing him to spend hours in the hairstylist’s chair.

But Wait Til Y’all Peep His Shocking Tattoo>>>