Mid-Life Crisis Or Nah? Usher Debuts Surprisingly Massive Tattoo & New Hairdo

Posted On : June 8, 2019

Usher’s New Tat’…
In addition to his hair switch-a-roo, Usher got tatted by popular tattoo artist, Dillon Forte. As you can see, from the photo below, the “Good Kisser” singer was hella ambitious with this one. The tat’ runs from the mid-back of his head, to the top of his back…

Usher’s new tattoo [via @dillonforte Instagram]
Usher’s tattoo artist, had this to say about it:

@dillonforte- “I had the pleasure of tattooing the legend @usher @sriyantratattoo this piece was inspired by transformation, Sacred geometry and an ancient Berber talisman to mark the cardinal points in the sky and allow travelers to find their way across vast distances.✨ I’ve listened to @usher since I was about 11 years old so definitely an honor 🙏”

Usher’s new tattoo [via @dillonforte Instagram]
Usher’s Previous Permed Up Pompadour…
And of course we couldn’t possibly end this article, without throwing back to 2018, when Usher shook up the internet with his fried-dyed-and-laid-to-the-side pompador swag…

Usher’s hairdo in 2018 [Instagram]
Usher’s hairdo in 2018 [Instagram]
What say you ILOSM fam’? Is Usher’s new tat’ and hairdo a mid-life crisis, or a good reinvention for himself?