Mom Of John Singleton Files New Legal Claim Against His Daughter As Family Beef Turns Way Up

Posted On : June 6, 2019

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As the unfortunate drama over the late John Singleton’s estate continues, this latest development will probably make it ten times worse. As we previously reported, Singleton’s children have been beefin’ with his mother, Sheila Ward (pictured above in blue dress), over control of his finances and such. Now, Mama Sheila done marched to the courthouse with new legal claims that somebody is doing herself and her son’s possessions dirty.

According to The Blast, Sheila Ward filed new court docs, making several claims against an unnamed “third party” -presumably Singleton’s daughter, Cleopatra, whom she’s battling in court over his will.

Mom Claims Singleton’s “Personal Property Is At Risk” & Has Been “Breached”…

Sheila claims that someone has been ‘stealing’ things from her son’s home and giving them away, without her permission:

The Blast- In her filing, Ward claims that Singleton’s “personal property is at risk.” She says that Singleton secured his valuables in a locked office located in his home but claims that the locked office “was recently breached by a third party and items were removed and distributed without authorization to a beneficiary who believed that he was protecting the assets from other beneficiaries.”

Keep in mind that Sheila filed an emergency request to be named ‘special administrator’ of her son’s estate, when John was still in a coma, prior to his passing. Therefore, anything that happens to his finances or possessions must first come through Sheila for now. Thus her latest legal filing…but there’s more…

Singleton’s Made Several More Claims In Her Latest Filing>>>