Mom Of John Singleton Files New Legal Claim Against His Daughter As Family Beef Turns Way Up

Posted On : June 6, 2019

John Singleton [via Instagram]
Singleton’s Mom Is Locked Out Of His Home?
In addition to Sheila Ward’s aforementioned claims, she also stated, in court docs, that she’s currently locked outta her son’s home, as a result of tension with a presumed family member:

Ward says she has also been trying to get her hands on the keys to John Singleton’s home and his boat but “the above-mentioned third party has keys to the residence and Decedent’s boat, but refuses to turn them over to Petitioner.” -via TB

Mom Reveals “Disputes” With Singleton’s Kids…
Sheila also said “disputes have arisen regarding which beneficiaries, if any, have the right to reside in Decedent’s home.”

Toward the end of her legal doc,’ Sheila finally mentioned the “third party” by name- one of Singleton’s daughters, Cleopatra Singleton:

“Given the objections to the Petition for Letters Testamentary by Cleopatra Singleton, a Special Administrator must be appointed to restore order, to secure the Decedent’s assets and to make decisions regarding his real and personal property,” Ward stated in her filing.

As we also reported previously, Mama Sheila filed a will that her son, John Singleton, had written in 1993. The will appointed Sheila as ‘executor’ of his estate and left ‘all of his belongings’ to his eldest child- daughter, Justice Singleton, whom was the only child John had at the time the will was written.

John Singleton with daughter, Justice Singleton (Instagram)

Since then, the other siblings have lawyered up and prepared to contest the will in court. Cleopatra Singleton has already started her court battle against her grandmother, Sheila, whom Singleton’s kids have accused of being spiteful towards them for years.

Singleton’s estate is valued at $3,797,545, but it’s believed that he was worth far more, but left his additional money in several trusts for all of his kids.

Overall, this situation is a heartbreaking mess. John was close to his children and probably would not have wanted them going through this after his passing. Unfortunately, this is the reality when wills are not updated, written, and/or maintained. Hopefully, they will soon reach an amicable resolve.