Months After Rihanna Sued Dad, He’s Hit With Another Lawsuit Threat In Alleged Costly Scam

Posted On : April 6, 2019

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First Rihanna hit him with a lawsuit, now another public figure is pretty much telling Ronald Fenty (65), he ‘betta have my money.’

So, Who’s Suing Papa Fenty Now?
Popular Youtube star, Chef Henny (real name Harvey Justice), has hired an attorney to let Ronald Fenty have it for scammin’ him. According to TMZ, Henny’s attorney, Alex Spiro, has just sent a letter to RiRi’s Pops, stating that Ronald stuck him for his paper on several occasions.

Youtube star, Chef Henny (via @omgitsharveyj Twitter)

Apparently, Ronald Fenty lied to Chef Henny back in April 2018, when he signed him to a reportedly fraudulent entertainment company, called Fenty Entertainment. The reason Chef Henny was obviously persuaded to sign on the dotted line in the first place, is because he says Ronald told him that his daughter, Rihanna, played a ‘central role in the company.’ However, according to the legal claim, that was a lie and Rihanna has absolutely nothing to do with the company and she’s even suing her Pops for a similar reason, but we’ll get to that in a sec.’

Now, here’s where the actual scam comes in regarding the money:

Via TMZ: Harvey says he trusted Ronald so he signed with him back in April 2018 and was promised a $750k marketing budget but says he’s only gotten $50k. Where’s the rest? Harvey claims Ronald keeps telling him it’s being held up by a South American investor. The chef says he wants what he was promised plus additional damages … or else.

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