Negative $13, That’s What’s Reportedly Left In R. Kelly’s Bank Account…But It Gets Worse

Posted On : April 13, 2019

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As we previously reported, despite admittedly being financially strapped, R. Kelly recently managed to earn $22,000.00 for a 1-hour appearance at a small Illinois lounge. He performed “Bump N’ Ground” for approximately 50 people, who were hella happy to see him…much like Drea Kelly is just as happy that he got the gig.

Though R. Kelly recently bonded outta jail after paying $161,000.00 in back child support to ex-wife, Drea, he still has $21K monthly child support payments to shell out to her. Hence, Drea’s reason for being elated about his $22K gig:

A rep for Drea Kelly…tells TMZ … she takes no issue with R. Kelly getting out there and making a buck — but not because she thinks he’s innocent … it’s more about what it means for her and their kids. … Drea sees it this way … if R. Kelly’s working to fulfill his financial obligations, “no one can be mad at him for that.” Besides, Drea’s rep tells us the man certainly has responsibilities that need tending to with dough.

So, “trouble don’t last always,” but in R. Kelly’s case…not too sure ’bout that.