New Suspicious Details Emerge About Singleton’s Death, Loved Ones Hire Private Investigator

Posted On : June 7, 2019

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Singleton Mysteriously Arrived To Hospital In A Wheel Chair?
In addition to suspicions about how Singleton made it to the hospital, the state in which he arrived there is raising red flags as well.

It’s now being reported, by sources close to the family, that ‘hospital staff told family members John just sort of appeared out of nowhere in a wheelchair … and he seemed pretty out of it.’

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Now His Children’s Mothers Want Specific Answers…
According to TMZ, the mothers of Singleton’s kids ‘want to know what John was doing beforehand, who he was communicating with, and whether someone knew he was in bad shape and could have done something sooner to help him.’

They are hoping that the private investigator they’ve now hired will be able to provide them with the answers they’re seeking.

Based on the new info provided thus far, the hours leading up to John Singleton’s stroke do seem rather suspect. Whatever the findings of the investigation are, we sincerely hope the legendary director’s loved ones get the closing they deserve. We’ll keep you all posted on this.

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