Newly Separated Janet Seen Out Partying w/Brother At Unlikely Venue For 1st Time

Posted On : April 28, 2017

Lawd knows Janet’s been going through her fair share of ups in downs in the past few months. She’s had a huge ‘up’ with the birth of she and her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana’s baby boy, Eissa. Then she had a huge ‘down’ with her newly separated status after the announcement that she and Wissam split quicker than you can say “What have you done for me lately” just three months after Eissa was born.

Throwback photo of Janet and Randy Jackson
Throwback photo of Janet and Randy Jackson

Well…on second thought, if you let some fans/conspiracy theorists tell it, they’re not 100% sure if Janet’s and Wissam’s separation is necessarily considered a ‘downer’ for Janet. At least not based on what some speculate as having been a pre-arranged marriage and birth for some sort of DNA exchange, where Wissam gets to have his offspring born with the ‘regal’ bloodline of the most powerful family in music hands down- the Jackson’s bloodline- in exchange for financial compensation on Janet’s part. A claim Janet’s best friend adamantly denied…so who knows? Point is! That’s neither here, nor there in this case because we’re really here to talk about what Janet and her brother, Randy, were spotted doing last night in London and it was a beautiful thing to see.

Janet & Randy Were Seen Having A Blast Incognito Style

After mostly staying secluded inside of her London home since what feels like forever, Janet made her most public appearance since giving birth, at a place no one expected the ever-so-reclusive Janet to be- a Bruno Mars concert!

Janet and Randy spotted at a Bruno mars concert April 2017 (via MailOnline)
Janet and Randy spotted at a Bruno Mars concert April 24, 2017 (via MailOnline)

Although Janet tried to roll incognito to the concert, with a cap pulled down low and what appears to be a black sweatsuit, Randy was dead giveaway because camouflaged he was not and that big bodyguard dude with them was a giveaway as well. So the lucky fans in the front rows spotted Janet with the quickness and got to see her get her jam on at the venue.

janet at concert
Janet and bodyguard at Bruno Mars concert, April 24, 2017 (via MailOnline)

Footage Of Bruno Mars Performing At Concert Janet & Randy Attended

It’s good to see Janet having so many of her family members making that trek overseas to visit she and baby Eissa at this time.

My baby and me after nap time.

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By the way, this may be an up side for the millions of fans still waiting to use their postponed ‘Unbreakable Tour’ concert tickets. Maybe…just maybe Janet’s attendance to Bruno Mars concert is a sign that she’s getting herself mentally prepared to get back into the whole concert state of mind again to finally give her fans what they’ve been waiting for- a continuation of the tour she postponed several times within two years to presumably start her family.