Nipsey Hussle’s Alleged Murderer In Solitary, Authorities Afraid He’ll Be Killed In G.P.

Posted On : April 4, 2019

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Eric Holder has been deemed a “dead man walking” by authorities. That’s why they’re keeping him separated from everyone else in jail.

A lot of people are upset over Nipsey Hussle’s murder. Police were scrambling to find his alleged killer, 29-year-old Eric Holder, before the streets snuffed him out.

Authorities knew they were on a time crunch, and they needed to act quickly, according to TMZ. The source says that street justice was imminent if LAPD didn’t hurry. Yet, it seems it could still happen, even with Nipsey’s alleged killer behind bars.

Swimming with the fishes?…

General population (GP) is often seen as a prison nightmare. It’s where most of prison’s horror stories are born and experienced.

And for a man with a rumored track record like Hussle’s shooter, GP is a school of piranha waiting to feast on fresh meat. TMZ reports as follows.

“We’re told police refuse to let Holder mingle with the general population, because they believe he’s a target. As it is, cops were in a race to arrest him before someone on the street took him out. Our sources also say he’ll remain in solitary once he’s transferred to L.A. County Jail while awaiting trial.”

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