Oh No: John Amos Reveals What’s Happening with Cleo McDowell For “Coming To America 2” Movie

Posted On : April 11, 2019

Many rejoiced when they heard that after thirty years Eddie Murphy is finally producing a sequel to the classic black 80’s comedy Coming To America. And although many of the original stars are returning to reprise their roles there’s recently been speculation that iconic actor John Amos hasn’t been asked to join the rest of the cast just yet. Does this mean that in 2019 McDowell’s is out of business?

A Quotable Classic

Coming To America is, by far, one of the greatest movies to ever bless the culture in the past fifty years. The film, where Eddie first introduced us to his talent for playing multiple characters, also starred Arsenio Hall, Shari Headley, Eriq La Salle and James Earl Jones. Even now, Coming To America still stands the test of time by being just as watchable today as it was when it premiered back in 1988. And of course, who can forget the tune from the couch ruining brand of activator which to this day still has folks singing along.

John Amos, who played money-hungry McDowell’s owner Cleo McDowell, was an integral part of the cast with his quick wit and James Evans-like comedic bravado. So, what’s going on with his character then? Shouldn’t he be around to check King Jaffe Joffer like he did in the original?

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