Oh No: John Amos Reveals What’s Happening with Cleo McDowell For “Coming To America 2” Movie

Posted On : April 11, 2019
via YouTube

TMZ reports that they spoke with John back in February when all of the buzz was swirling around about a sequel and he wasm ore than excited about rejoining the cast to grab that check!

OK, so since John’s onboard what’s the hold up? TMZ also reports at this point John still hasn’t been contacted to join the rest of the cast.

Sources close to John, who played Cleo McDowell in the original film, tell TMZ … the veteran actor still hasn’t been asked to bring the character back, but as he told us a few months ago, he’ll jump at the opportunity if it comes his way.

Paramount reached out to his team back in February, but the movie studio has since gone radio silent. Wardrobe fittings for the film are already underway, which signals the storyline and the script could be nearing completion.

A Coming To America sequel without Mr. McDowell is like a charity fundraiser in the ‘hood without Mr. Randy WATSON! They need to stop playing and give us all the sequel we deserve with a McDowell’s update included.