Oh Wow! U Gotta See How This “Coming To America” Actress Looks Now!

Posted On : August 11, 2015

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Who could forget “Lisa’s” (Shari Headley) lil’ sister, “Patrice McDowell,” in the film Coming To America? She was the feisty sister who couldn’t keep her hands off of the men she wanted in the movie. Sure “Patrice” seemed a lil’ desperate chasing after “Prince Akeem,” and then taking in her big sister’s seconds- the “Soul Glo” dude in the movie. But “Patrice McDowell” was one of the most memorable characters in Coming To America

Coming To America, Allison Dean
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Her real name is Allison Dean and we were wondering where she’d disappeared to over the past few decades. So we did some research on her whereabouts and found out that she’s been working behind the scenes of the film industry.

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Allison mostly lives her life outside of the limelight, but according to what she stated on her website, she is interested in possibly stepping back in front of the camera one day. That’s a movie we’d love to see her make, because she’s a great actress who breathed life into every scene Coming To America scene she was in. And let’s not forget that although she was a new actress at that time, she was able to hold her own among the seasoned actors in the film, including Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and John Amos.

But LAWD, when we laid our eyes on what our girl, Allison, is looking like nowadays we were pleasantly surprised.

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