Keith Sweat Gets RAW While Revealing His Real Life FREAKY Flings w/The Ladies

Posted On : March 28, 2017

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Most of us, Old Schoolers, love the music of Keith Sweat. From his uptempo joints like “I Want Her,” to his classic slow jams like, “How Deep Is Your Love,” “Right and Wrong Way” and more, Keith is the truth!

But listen up ILOSM fam’: You know that perception you’ve had of Keith Sweat all these years? Well, you can pretty much delete that from your thoughts, because whatever it is, it’s probably not an accurate perception of the Keith Sweat you thought you knew. Turns out, he’s a lot more raw, a lot more uncensored, and WAY more hilarious than the world ever got to see him as throughout the years. We are about to introduce you to the REAL Keith Sweat…

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And uh…FYI: If you’re a little sensitive to a few choice words and grown folk conversations about sexual topics, you may wanna go ahead and click off of this article now…

But for everyone else, check out the very interesting info Keith revealed in his interview with The Breakfast Club. He covered everything from the many hits we never knew he wrote, to his sexcapades with groupies, and everything in between. It was his rawness on the sex topic that caught the attention of most of his fans who don’t normally get to see him in that light.