OMG! Teddy P. Revealed He Got Slapped by Harold Melvin Over WHAT?!!

Posted On : July 16, 2015

7-16 FB teddy p
When Teddy Pendergrass was with Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes it is without question that they gave us some of the most CLASSIC Old School jams.

Unfortunately those classics didn’t come without a price, according to Teddy P. As Teddy revealed in his autobiography, Truly Blessed, his fellow group member (and the man in charge), Harold Melvin apparently applied some pimp-like tactics being to Teddy and the rest of the Blue Notes. I’m talking a couple incidents that had a very Mack movie feel to them – slapping, money jackin’ – the whole nine. Things got ugly, but we can learn something from this ILOSM family. Here’s what Teddy P. said, in his own words, about what he went through in the group…