Oprah Recently Lost Millions from Weight Watchers, But Now Tamela Mann Is New Weight Watcher’s Face

Posted On : April 8, 2019

For decades Weight Watchers has been using celebrity endorsements to gain new members for their services. Jennifer Hudson immediately comes to mind with her successful campaign a few years ago and now actress and acclaimed gospel singer Tamela Mann is getting her turn in the spotlight to promote the brand which is still searching for ways to increase membership after one of their investors, Oprah Winfrey, lost the company millions of dollars.

Oprah Lost A Lot Of Bread At Weight Watchers

A few months ago it was reported that Oprah, who owns an 8% share of Weight Watchers, had taken a huge hit to her pockets when the company lost millions of dollars in just one day. Ouch!

The company is still somewhat reeling from the loss and also has admitted that they probably will not have a great financial year in 2019. Hopefully with the addition of Tamela Mann as the new spokesperson for Weight Watchers’ updated format, now referred to simply as WW, she can potentially bring in a different demographic that will aid WW with their financial woes.

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