[Pastor] Mase Goes Off In Heated Rant After Diddy Calls Him Out Over $3M Beef

Posted On : October 5, 2022
(L) Mase); (R) Sean “Diddy” Combs

Another day, another beef in the hip hop game…except this time it’s not one of the millennial/gen-X era rappers of today. It’s none other than Bad Boy mogul, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and his former Bad Boy rapper-turned-reverend, Mase. And their current tiff is so tough, that it’s apparently made Pastor Mase forget his religion for a hot minute. Let us explain…

How Their Latest Beef Started

In case you missed it, Diddy did an interview Wednesday (10/5/22) with The Breakfast Club. During the interview, he discussed Kanye West’s latest controversy, as well as his present-day beef with Mase.

According to Diddy, Mase has yet to pay him $3 million he claims the rapper owes him…and it’s all over an undelivered album:

“I did one album with Mase. ONE album. How much money do you think I owe this guy. … Mase owes me $3 million dollars. That’s facts, I got the receipts. … [He] did an album, and never delivered it.” – Diddy

Diddy alludes to Mase being somewhat of a thief who abandoned his contract with Bad Boy, only to relocate to Atlanta and become a “fake” pastor. He didn’t stop there…Diddy said Mase has been scamming folk who follow his ministry for years.


Apparently, Diddy is tired of people accusing him of being a money-hungry label owner, and has had it up to here with his rep’ being tarnished by some he’s worked with in the past. Diddy says he’s wrongly had blame placed on him for years by several of his former artists over their failed careers. And in particular, he zoned in on Mase, accusing him of conveniently pushing a “tap-out button” whenever the heat gets too hot in the kitchen regarding his music career:

“People have this thing called the tap out button. When you get to a certain point and the money is running low, you gotta run this hustle to try to find somebody to blame. I have all my receipts. We are going to do a special, a retrospective, with all the artists and we’re going to get this narrative clear.” – Diddy

Mase Clapped Back At Diddy…Twice


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In a cuss-filled video, Mase didn’t seem too ‘pastor-like’ when he hopped on Instagram to let Diddy know exactly what was on his mind following Diddy’s ‘Breakfast Club’ interview.

“Yo, how dare this ni&&a talk about he want receipts. Let’s start with your mother ni&&a. Your mother got the receipts,” Mase said.

Now, y’all already know once someone drags another person’s mom into a heated beef…it’s bad. But Mase didn’t stop there. He continued, “Everything is in your mother[‘s] name. That’s the one who got the receipts ni&&a. You need more proof ni&&a? Biggie ain’t here, so Biggie can’t give you no receipts…he dead. Craig Mack can’t give you no receipts…he dead. What are you talkin’ about? … Black Rob can’t give you receipts…he dead. And everybody else you made ’em sign paperwork so they can’t talk about what I’m talkin’ about.”

Mase continued, “I’m not signing [the paperwork] ni&&a. I’m the only one with the guts, because I ain’t need the money.”

There’s more…earlier today Mase also posted the following video message in response to Diddy’s claims…


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Not sure if Mase needs the money or not, but according to Diddy, he’s still holding on to that $3 mill’ Diddy claims he’s owed.

At any rate…as long as both of these brothas keep their beef online — and possibly in a courtroom to get sorted out — it’s all good. Who knows? Maybe they’ll once again reconcile, just like they did for Bad Boy reunion a few years ago. We shall see.

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