Patti LaBelle Gives Mariah Carey Major Side-Eye After She Dropped ‘F’ Word During Performance

Posted On : April 9, 2019

Patti LaBelle is a music legend whose influence reaches far and wide. Her beautiful voice and down to earth personality has always made her a fan favorite, and for years she’s been listed with great soulful sistahs like Gladys Knight, Chaka Khan and the late Aretha Franklin as a pioneer of soul music. One performer who holds her in high regard is Mariah Carey, who many would also agree is a legend in her own right. And the two of them have a longstanding history and friendship that’s apparent whenever they speak about each other.

Patti Admits To Slapping Mariah Sometimes

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Earlier this year Patti appeared on Busy Phillips’ talk show Busy Tonight as a special guest and during one segment Busy asked Patti if she had ever mentored any of the young lady singers who have come behind her. Not surprisingly Patti listed a few industry heavy hitters like Beyonce’ and Mary J. Blige. But when she began talking about Mariah her tone softened to reflect the true nature of their relationship. Essence reports that Patti made a joke about having to get Mariah all the way together at certain times, but it was all in fun (skip to the 3:23 mark).

“Mariah is my goddaughter. I had to slap her every now and then,” LaBelle revealed. “She’s so phenomenal and so good, she doesn’t need to be slapped anymore. That’s my baby.”

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