Patti Labelle To Young Pop Stars: ‘Put Some Clothes On Chile!’

Posted On : September 17, 2015

 see that these new pop stars are walking around like they just stepped out of Magic City (for those who don’t know, that’s a very popular strip club in Atlanta, GA). But on the other hand we can also remember a time when our parents’ generation didn’t understand us. Sure we weren’t gyrating, while walking around in our b-day suits but depending on which Old School era you come from, there were other things that we were doing that our parents were not feeling whatsoever.

millie jackson
For example, if you came up in the 60’s and 70’s eras, chances are the older folks didn’t necessarily approve of The Ohio Players album cover with the lady dripping the honey into her mouth (which as a man, I can honestly say that I appreciated 100%…LOL), or your parents probably didn’t understand why Millie Jackson had to name her album such a “vulgar” name like “Feelin’ Bitchy” but WE got it and we loved it.

If you’re from the 80’s era, chances are high that your parents didn’t understand why Bobby Brown was gyrating across the stage, or why BBD was singing “smack it up, flip it, rub it down oh nooooo!” Or maybe they just didn’t get why NWA were yelling “F*%k the police!” and “Dopeman, Dopeman!” but we got it.

So again, does Patti make a good point? We say yes. But is there also a generation of younger people out there who get these pop stars in a way that we don’t? We also say yes.

Bottom line is we’re Old School, so we’re riding with our girl Patti LaBelle on this ’til the end though. You tell ’em Patti!
-ILoveOldSchoolMusic, Old School news with a new point of view