Pay Up: Allegedly, Reality Stars Waka Flocka And Tammy Rivera Are $35K In Debt

Posted On : May 12, 2019

When will celebrities learn that when it comes to the Tax Man he will always get his money, and will shake you down every day until you reach into your pockets and pay up! This is currently the case with Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta stars, married couple Waka Flocka and Tammy Rivera. Allegedly, the two of them owe the state of Georgia almost $35,000 in back taxes and need to pay up immediately.

Living Large

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In a 2017 interview with Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 Waka went into detail about he and Tammy’s relationship, claiming that the two of them were living quite comfortably to the point where Tammy was handling most of the financial responsibility at the time. He also spoke about the importance of family and not making promises you can’t keep.

Fast forward to two years later and now it appears as though Waka and Tammy may need to come together with a plan as a family to pay back their debt, which ironically began back in 2017 when the two of them reportedly failed to pay their taxes. The Blast reports;

The reality stars had a state tax lien filed against them for not paying their 2017 bill. They owe $25k for the principal, $2k in interest and another $7k in penalties and collection costs … for a grand total of $34,797.19.

Waka is warned if he and Tammy don’t cough up the money quickly, their property and assets could be seized to collect on the debt. The two did not have a crazy 2017 as Waka did not release any new music during the year.

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