Pepa Tells How Salt’s Husband Was Almost Killed For Rescuing Her & Her Child From A Murderer

Posted On : April 16, 2019

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Salt N’ Pepa’s, Cheryl “Salt” James, has been married to the father of her two children, Gavin Wray, since 2000 and they dated for 10 years prior. Interestingly, Gavin’s character as a man attracted Salt to him far before they’d ever met…and it had everything to do with the heroic thing he’d done for their mutual friend, Sandy “Pepa” Denton.

In Pepa’s memoir, Let’s Talk About Pep,’ she recalled an extremely scary incident when Gavin put his own life in jeopardy, so she and her baby could escape a murderer who’d come THIS close to doing all of them in! It happened around the time of their 1990 “Let’s Talk About Sex” fame and she’s counting her blessings to his day. Below are excerpts of Pep’ breaking down that incident…

Pepa stopped to holla at Gavin…

Pepa: “I saw Gavin near this park and I pulled over to talk to him. … That week, this neighborhood guy had just gotten out of jail, and he went on a killing spree. He killed about ten people in a grocery store and was on the run.”

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