Pepa Tells How Salt’s Husband Was Almost Killed For Rescuing Her & Her Child From A Murderer

Posted On : April 16, 2019

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Pepa couldn’t believe that as she was talking to Gavin (pictured above with wife, Salt), they came face to face with the ‘killer’ and her baby, Tyran, was in danger:

“The cops were looking for him. Helicopters were swirling around, and this murderer came up to Me and tried to get into my car. ‘No,no!’ I started screaming. “Let me get my baby out, let me get my baby!’

I didn’t care about the car, I wasn’t going to let him drive off with my baby.”

Unfortunately, the murderer didn’t listen to Pep’s plea:

“He knocked me to the ground. This guy was big and buff… I was crying and screaming and trying to pull on this giant man to stop him from taking my car with my baby in it.”

Throwback photo of Pepa and her first born child (of two), Tyran [via Instagram]
Noticing the man still didn’t stop, Gavin devised a quick scheme and put his own life on the line to save his homegirl:

“Gavin started cursing this guy out. ‘You pu$$y! You sucker-a$$ pu$$y! Hey punk!’ Gavin was trying anything to get this man to stop what he was doing, and it was working. His pride couldn’t take Gavin calling him a pu$$y, and it was making him mad and Gavin kept breaking on him. He finally started going after Gavin.

‘Pep, go, go!’ Gavin screamed as soon as the man moved away from the car. I immediately jumped in, but I didn’t want to pull off because I just knew this guy was going to kill Gavin.

The man stopped going after Gavin when he realized what was happening. But it was too late. ‘Pep, go!’ Gavin said.”

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