Pras Michel Says Can’t Pay $4800 Month in Child Support, But His Extravagant Instagram Life Says Something Else

Posted On : April 13, 2019

Apparently, according to Page Six, Pras’ son’s mother Angela Severiano is not buying Pras’ claims of lowering the child support payments because he’s constantly flexing on Instagram by showing off his wealth.

Severiano’s lawyer, Robert Wallack, said the “Ghetto Superstar” singer hasn’t made any payments since November, all while he appears to be living the high life in Instagram posts.

“He’s since bought a Lamborghini that costs approximately $250,000,” Wallack said, holding up a photo of a Dec. 14 Instagram post showing Pras standing next to a blue car that’s captioned “Stuntin’ on Rodeo in the new lambo…Italian everything my friends.”

Here’s the post they’re referencing in the case.

In addition to the Lambo post there’s an even more recent post featuring Pras rocking a Patek Philippe watched valued at $300,000.

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#Patekkphilippe …………

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Angela’s lawyers are not amused.

“That he doesn’t have enough to pay $4,800 a month is outrageous and offensive,” Wallack argued in court.

Support Magistrate Judge Amanda Norejko said, “He should be paying the support.” But she set a hearing date for July to determine if an adjustment to his child support payments would be warranted.

Pras’ lawyer Judith White claims that the reason the payments haven’t been made is because of his accountant’s recent conviction to prison coupled with his lack of steady work and owing $1.6 million to the federal government. Damn homie! It looks like Pras is about to be in for some really rough times ahead. Hopefully everything is resolved towards everyone’s benefit and Pras can get back to making timeless music once again.