Prince’s Ex-Wife Reveals The Surprising Incident That Made Her Finally Resent Him

Posted On : April 17, 2017
Prince and Mayte Garcia
Prince and Mayte Garcia

Ever since the iconic Prince passed away on April 21, 2016, there have been many details that have surfaced about his life. All of which have been very interesting, being that the world has never really known Prince- the man as opposed to just Prince the music icon. As we approach the 1-year anniversary of his death, Prince’s ex-wife of four years, Mayte Garcia, has been releasing tidbits of intriguing- and at times very heartbreaking- personal information about the man she loved more than any other man in her life. *See Video Interview On Next Pg.*

In preparation for her upcoming memoir, The Most Beautiful: My Life With Prince, Mayte did an interview with ABC News. The things that she discussed ranged from the loss of their babies, to Prince remarrying almost as soon as he divorced her, to his near-death escape during their marriage, and the one thing that made her finally resent him for quite some time.

Prince and Mayte
Prince and Mayte

The Incident That Made Mayte Resent Prince

Mayte revealed that after they lost their first baby just days after his birth, due to a severe birth defect called Pfeiffer syndrome, what Prince did next left her resentful and heartbroken. She says that Prince was very loving, but that he had a pretty controlling personality and pretty much made decisions for them without consulting with her. Therefore, Mayte says she did not have any input into whether, or not, she could be with their baby when he passed away. Prince made the decision for her and did not allow her to be there when their son sadly took his final breathe. Although Mayte later confessed that she felt she’d have never overcome seeing her son die, she later resented Prince for not allowing her to.

Her Suicide Attempt Afterwards

A while later, Mayte tried to commit suicide due to her overwhelming grief and she says she was only to be stopped because her dog stopped her.