R.I.P.: The Fat Boys’ Prince Markie Dee Passes Away Day Before 53rd Birthday, Cause Revealed

Posted On : February 18, 2021
Prince Markie Dee of The Fat Boys

ILOSM family, we’ve unfortunately been losing several of our legends in recent times. Sadly, we’re coming to once again with another major loss within the music industry. Mark Morales, better known as “Prince Markie Dee” of the legendary rap group, The Fat Boys, has passed away today. He would have been making his 53rd orbit around the sun on tomorrow, February 19, 2021.

Cause Of Death

It was reported by All Hip Hop, that Prince Markie Dee cause of death was congestive heart failure. No further details have been given at this time.

Friend Spoke With Prince Markie Dee Shortly Before His Death

Prince Markie Dee was so excited about the path his life and career were going. He’d also recently taken over for Biz Markie – who is recovering after having a stroke in 2020 – on his radio show. His friend/New York City promotor, Van Silk, detailed his last interactions with him to Hip Hop DX:

[Van Silk] tells HipHopDX he had just spoken to Markie Dee — real name Mark Morales — but he hadn’t been on Instagram since February 8. Silk says he’d replaced Biz Markie on his Rock The Bells radio show and was planning on getting back in the studio.

“I remember them as the Disco 3 back in 1982,” Van Silk explains to DX Senior Writer Kyle Eustice. “They had wanted me to put them on a party at Empire Skating Rink. Over the years I kept in touch with Kool Rock Ski and just had a conversation about him and Mark getting in the studio to record new songs. At times, myself and Mark would be on the phone at 2 a.m. in the morning. He was telling me about his properties he owns in Florida and New York. He was happy about being able to still work and do what he loves — music. I will definitely miss my brother Prince Markie Dee.”

Prince Markie Dee’s Last Video Posts

Prince Markie Dee was always so full of life and positive vibes, which always resonated in his many online videos. Below are the last two video posts he shared with his fans…

February 1, 2021 – The rap legend was a huge fan of Stevie Wonder. One of his favorite Stevie records was “With Each Beat Of My Heart”…


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February 3, 2021 – He loved choppin’ it up with his fans on Instagram Live…even when he was ready to log off of it for the night…

As you all know, his fellow group member, Darren “Buffy,” Robinson, passed away in 1995. Now, there is only 1/3 of he Fat Boys, Damon “Kool-Rock Ski” Wimbley, left here to rep’ for the beautiful legacy he built with his brothas.

Mark Anthony Morales a.k.a. Prince Markie Dee will forever be etched in our hearts as one of the pioneers of Hip Hop. May he sleep in eternal peace and power, after a job well done here.