R. Kelly Accuser Wins Lawsuit Against R. Kelly Because He Didn’t Show Up For Court

Posted On : April 25, 2019

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Newsone reports that one of the current open cases against Kelly has ended in a default win for the accuser because Kelly didn’t even show up! While locked up for non-payment of child support last month Kelly was served papers for another lawsuit where the unidentified plaintiff was seeking $50,000. According to the lawsuit in 1998 Kelly noticed the plaintiff walking outside and after setting a meetup through one of his associates eventually had sex with her. The plaintiff, who’s 36 now, was underage at the time of their encounter.

Since Kelly didn’t show up the plaintiff automatically wins, however Kelly’s publicist did not mince words while referencing how they felt about the case.

In a statement to the Chicago Sun Times, Darrell Johnson, Kelly’s publicist said, “We don’t care about the lawsuit. The lawsuit means nothing to us.”

Perhaps they felt the charges were bogus or maybe at this point Kelly is so frustrated he’s giving up all hope. One thing’s for certain, his legal woes are only just beginning. And whether or not the unidentified plaintiff ever sees a dime of that money has yet to be determined.