R. Kelly Claps Back After Ex Wife Drea Kelly & Daughter Throw Major Shade At Him In Interview

Posted On : June 14, 2019
R. Kelly and R. Kelly (via Pinterest)

The drama between R. Kelly, his ex-wife, and their eldest child, has just gotten turned up 10,000 notches, after the latest interview the two ladies have done. Drea Kelly shaded the hell outta R. Kelly and their daughter, Buku Abi (21), slammed him during a recent interview. Now, the “Bump N’ Grind” crooner is hella pissed and he wants the world to know exactly what Drea needs to do if she wants money.

Drea’s been on a mission to get her $20,833.00 monthly child support payments from R. Kelly. He’s currently fallen behind by $32,000 in interest, back child support, and educational costs and she’s speaking out with a vengeance…

First Up: What Drea Said About Ex, R. Kelly…

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During a recent TMZ Live interview, Drea was asked how she expected R. Kelly to continue paying $20K+ monthly, plus interest, given his current largely unemployed status and mounting legal fees. That’s when she let R. Kelly have it with the Del Taco shade:

“Well, figure it out there’s jobs everywhere. I don’t care if you become the first ‘king of R&B,’ that worked at Del Taco.”

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